Reload are bringing in Melbourne heavyweights Affiks (Heavy Innit, 50/50) & Arctic (Car crash set, 50/50) this Easter long weekend to help celebrate their first birthday at the Gladstone. As always, expect good vibes and two rooms of awesome music on the mighty DSS soundsystem !

Juzlo caught up with the boys to say what’s up!

How are we boys!? excited for an easter bday special in Sydney with the RELOAD! crew?
And how’s the melbs massive going? Whats your vibes on the scene in melbs at the moment..

Yep, it’ll be Arctic’s first time dj’n in Sydney so He’s really looking forward to coming up. Big up Reload each and every!
Melbourne is busy as ever, plenty of internationals rolling through atm. we feel there’s massive support for unsigned artists down here, heaps of blogs/radio/local shows always exposing the freshest talent, love being a part of it all.

Whats is the worst bday present you ever got?

Arctic: I honestly can’t remember my bday presents over the years you know…never been one to ask for much! Maybe a notepad or something.

Affiks: Probably socks.

Both of you have been in the game for a while now when did u start djin/producing?

Arctic: Started dj’n around 2008, was mostly just house parties/student clubs to begin with though. Raves and bigger bookings started coming in 2009 I guess. Started producing around mid 2010, taking it seriously after I moved to Australia and settling in an apartment in Brisbane. Always been around my brothers studio though in UK, learning and watching him through his early stages of producing dnb, check him out:

Affiks: Started djing in 2001. First gig was in an indian resturant playing hip hop lol. Can’t remembered exactly when i started producing. i think maybe in 2003. I was mostly making hip hop & scratching instro’s. After i moved to melbourne in 2007 i actually started writing more electronic based stuff.

@ Arctic > pizza hut or dominos hawaiin?

Domino’s definitely. Pizza Hut are live for deals, but Domino’s kills it with the selection of fine crusts and that.

50/50 GRIME MELBOURNE, tell us how that came about and what future projects you got coming up?

50/50 came about through Arctic, Affiks & Fraksha and our disappointment at not seeing any grime internationals in Australia. Fraksha & Brendan had previously ran a locals grime event called, ‘Next Hype’, but nothing really came from it. Arctic having moved to Melbourne only last year, was keen on getting something organised, so when Affiks approached him with the idea, he jumped at it.

Affiks > last time i seen you up here was at the VOID grime special and u mashed the place what you got in store for us this time!?

Yeah man, was sick. Not really sure what im gonna play. Most probably a mash up of grime & dungeon i reckon. Might drop a few classics dubstep tunes in too for good measure.

How good are chocolate hot cross buns ;) ?

With weed I reckon they’ll taste better!

What artists/tunes/vibes/genres you guys feeling at the moment?

Arctic: So many! I produce a lot of acid house/130 bass stuff, most of my influences come from peeps I know back home in the UK and those I trade tunes with on the regular. Gotta big up Artifact, he’s killing it right now. Other guys like Ziro. Thefft, Riffs, Kozee, Damu, Lakosa, Mosca…
Grime wise, been listening to so much old eski stuff…that definitely has an influence in some of my music too.

Affiks: Feeling the dungeon side if dubstep for sure, artists like killawatt, j:kenzo, dj madd, sleeper, lx one etc + the purple sound a la joker etc is still big for me. Been producing a bit of 130bpm & garage influenced stuff as well.

Finally, any cool future projects/output coming up for you guys?

Arctic: I got my second EP coming on CarCrashSet at the end of the month, with a remix forthcoming on 7 Deadly Records shortly after. Just recently signed 3 tunes to a UK label based in Sheffield, can’t really give more info on that yet though!

Affiks and I have been talking about doing a grime/dungeon project for a while now, just finding the time to do so is pretty difficult with full time jobs and everything else inbetween.

Also, hold tight for the next 50/50 event in June alongside our fam in Ruler. More info on that soon:

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